Posting FAQs

• Please register to post an ad.
• An activation email is sent to the address you registered with.
• Click the activation link, then be returned to our website to post an ad.
• Ads are “Paused” after time runs out.
• They can be reposted but are permanently deleted after 2 days of inactivity.
• Logged in users will all their ads until they expire. • Site visitors see only active ads.
• Free and premium ads can be renewed anytime by clicking on the "EXPIRED" button.
• Premium ads require a credit card payment to repost or upgrade.
• Highlighted:
Ads are highlighted with a different colour border and background from regular ads.
• Bump to Top:
Moves an ad to the top listing of the category it is posted, on demand.
• Highlight Upgrade has a duration of 24 hours and runs independent of remaining ad time.
• Upgrades can be combined.
• Login to your account.
• There is a dropdown menu at the top upper right of the page with links to:
• Post New Ad
• My Profile
• Messages
• Edit Account
• Logout
• Clicking on “My Profile” will give access to all your active and paused ads.
• Links to “Edit Ad”, Edit Images” and “Upgrade” are visible at the bottom of the ads.
• Expired ads will not be listed.
• All registered users can send private messages to other site members.
• The limit is 5 images. Each image file must be less than 5 megabytes.
• jpg, jpeg, png and gif.
• Animated gifs also work. (Unfortunately not as profile avatars.)
• Anything except content that would be deemed sexually explicit, promotes hate or violence.
• This applies both to ad and profile images.
• Users that post inappropriate images will have their accounts closed.